Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Double Walled Expresso Cups


House of Mishka combines elegance and functionality. Our Double Walled Expresso Cups enhance the sophistication and contemporary style of your coffee regimen. These meticulously designed cups serve a purpose beyond being a mere receptacle for Expresso; they embody a distinctive expression of fashion. Whether you like coffee or better things, these cups are essential.


Why Use Double-Wall Expresso Cups?


The double-walled design keeps Expresso hot and the outer layer cold. Indulge in coffee at an optimal temperature to prevent the occurrence of finger burns.


Our Expresso cups are durable due to their high-quality materials. They resist thermal shock and break less easily than traditional glasses.


These cups add elegance to your coffee table with their sleek, modern style. The translucent walls let you see your Expresso’s rich, dark colour, giving every sip a visual treat.


These mugs are perfect for Expresso but may also serve other hot or cold drinks. Drink coffee, eat dessert, or make a unique cocktail with them.


Our double-walled Expresso cups feature

Perfectly proportioned for a typical Expresso shot. High-quality heat-resistant glass. Contemporary, simple design for any kitchen or café. Dishwasher-safe and effortless to clean.


Improve Coffee Experience Today

Every cup of coffee at House of Mishka should be luxurious. Our Double Walled Expresso Cups enhance coffee enjoyment and style. Whether you like coffee or better things, these cups are essential.


Explore House of Mishka Double Walled Expresso Cups. These elegant cups will elevate your mornings and impress your guests. Shop now for the best style-function combo.

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